Alternative Facts and Librarianship

Social media has always been an escape for me. Lately that has changed however as I feel like every time I turn my computer on I am faced with more and more depressing news from around the world (and the country straight to the south). Within a few moments I need to turn my computer off – or at least go to a page full of cute baby animals – to get away from all the hurt and the lies and the anger that it is contained within.

What I read makes me angry, and that is only made larger with my pursuit of librarianship. I have a passion for making sure that every person on the earth has access to free and full information. To see someone trying to censor the media and change the facts so close to home makes me angry. I didn’t think that I would ever live in a world where that would be the case, yet here we are.

This anger just fuels my passion. I want to become a librarian even more with every passing day, to be a person who fights for the rights of all those around her and doesn’t let the fiction cloud the facts. With every day that gets worse and every day that goes on I get one day closer to working for the good of all people and that makes me proud.


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